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Latest Post: March 2021 Update – In-person Lessons

We offer one-one piano lessons for all ages, from beginner to advanced. Learn to play from scratch or hone your skills at the piano with experienced music teachers at PTM. We provide private piano lessons for adults and children in Manchester. Piano lessons take place on a new Yamaha U3 piano and our studio is located near Manchester City Centre – making it easily accessible from both Manchester and Salford.

Pianist and Teacher Dominic Ciccotti

PTM Teacher – Dominic is a pianist and teacher trained at the Royal Northern College of Music, and is based in Manchester. 

In-person Lessons

UPDATE: From March 8th 2021 it is now possible to carry out in-person lessons for those 17 and under at the studio. For Full details see: In-person Lessons Update

Piano Tuition Manchester Studio Room, Student playing Yamaha U3 Upright Piano during piano lesson

Online Lessons

These take place via Zoom or Skype. For more information see the latest blog post – Blog – Online Lessons

Laptop, mug, notepad for online piano lesson in Manchester


Learn to play from tailored piano lessons available in a wide variety of styles, from Classical piano to beginner jazz and pop.

Dominic Ciccotti - Performing on Steinway Model D

Begin your musical journey today; from learning to read and play your first notes to performing your first pieces on stage or to your friends!

Beginner Piano student with hands on piano keys

Time to advance! Build on your foundation, learn new skills, methods and music and perhaps even step our of your comfort zone!

Intermediate Piano Sheet Music On top of Steinway Piano

Time to excel! Prepare for an audition or advanced music diploma with exceptional music tuition, coaching and guidance. 

Concert Pianist Performing - dressed in formal concert attire

Piano Lessons Manchester City Centre

Teaching at PianoTuitionManchester is tailored to the individual. We believe strongly in the idea that music can provide a fantastic education for those who study the subject. As well as having been proven to demonstrate an improvement in cognitive development, above all we believe music is primarily for the purpose of exploration, understanding, expression and enjoyment.

Beginner Piano

During our lessons, you will learn how to:

»  Read Music

»  Play music at sight

»  Improvise (Create our own music at the piano)

»  Understand Music Theory

»  Play music in a variety of Musical style

Platforms: For online lessons, Zoom and Skype work best but if you aren’t confident in setting up these platforms, Dominic is more than happy to provide support with this. Other platforms are available and can work well if students have a preference. 

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Begin your Piano

Journey Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult piano students can absolutely learn to play piano. As with learning anything as an adult, the key to learning is accepting that it’s ok to make mistakes as a beginner. However, once students transcend the anxieties of not being good from the get-go, there are a number of benefits to beginning your piano studies as an adult. Though it can take more time to absorb information, it is easier to understand and commit to memory complex concepts that children more often than not take much longer to understand.

Begin Today!

Firstly, as with anything, your progress will be impacted on by the amount of effort and commitment you’re willing to put in. Learning piano for many is a life-long dream that they either began as a child and stopped or never had the opportunity to pursue in the first place. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, playing music is hugely rewarding and the piano is perhaps the most versatile instrument through which you can enjoy and learn about the subject. In conclusion, there are seemingly unlimited possibilities available to musicians to get stuck into; from the many genres that exist, to playing your favorite pieces by your favorite composers, so don’t delay and begin exploring today with PTM today!

Private piano lessons in Manchester cost £35/hour as per the Musicians Union and Incorporated Soceity of Musicians suggested rates. For half hour lessons the cost is £19. Lessons booked in blocks of 10 are charged at the discounted rate of £32/hour and £18/half hour.

Students tend to opt for a timeframe that will suit their needs dependent on age and level. As students progress we recommend the longer timeframes but for younger beginners we recommend 30-45 minute lessons.

All available timeframes and options:

Lessons Booked in 10-Lesson Blocks:

30 Minute (One-One) Lesson : £18

45 Minute (One-One) Lesson: £24

1 Hour (One-One) Lesson: £32

Stand-alone Lessons

30 Minute (One-One) Lesson : £19

45 Minute (One-One) Lesson: £27

1 Hour (One-One) Lesson: £35

We are currently available for online as well as in-person lessons. Our teaching room is now fitted with two keyboards (U3 Yamaha, Yamaha keyboard for tutor) for the purpose of demonstration as well as to uphold the standards of teaching. Measures currently in place include:

» Social distancing of at least 2M between tutor and student at all times.

» All instruments and washbasins to be cleaned after and before each lesson

» Lessons staggered to allow sufficient time for students to change over without contact. 

» All instruments to be cleaned after and before each lesson. (Tutor has access to COVID safe cleaning materials.)

» Handwashing facilities as well as hand sanitiser available.

» Ventilation: Piano situated next to window for purposes of fresh air.

» Highest standards of cleaning in place.

» No materials will be shared between tutor and student. 

» Students are required to inform their tutor if they develop any symptoms.

A full risk assessment is available on request.

If you would rather conduct lessons online, this can be arranged on request.

In this section there is a brief list of recommended music shops in and around Manchester with their website and address details included below.


Forsyth is my No.1 recommendation for a music shop in Manchester. Firstly, it is a fantastic place to buy all of the sheet music you may want or need. Secondly, they stock grade books from ABRSM as well as other exam boards and also have expert staff and buying guides if you are considering buying an acoustic or digital piano. Lastly they have an expansive range of pianos which includes grands, uprights, silent pianos, digital pianos and even antique pianos to name but a few. In addition to pianists, they also cater to a wide variety of other instrumentalists.


Forsyth Brothers Limited,

126 Deansgate,


M3 2GR 


Dawsons music shop in Manchester city centre is a fantastic music shop. They hold an enormous number of guitars and are even one of the UK’s leading dealers of Gibson Guitars. They also hold a large number of pianos on their lower floor from acoustic to digital pianos. Because of this they would definitely be worth a visit for any potential piano buyers.


30 Portland Street,


M1 4GS


Dominic Ciccotti

Pianist and Teacher

Dominic completed his Masters of Music with distinction studying with Mei Yi Foo at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama having previously graduated with a first class honours degree from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester where he studied with Frank Wibaut and Dr. Murray McLachlan. Alongside performing Dominic enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, passing his knowledge of music onto others.


Situated near the Manchester Aquatics Centre and Royal Northern College of Music


126 York Street, Manchester, M1 7XN


Phone on: 07810701595
Email at:  [email protected]

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